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Project Description

California Pacific Medical Center

CT Scan Room, Radiology Department

About the Project
Clinicians at CPMC’s California Campus perform more than 4,600 CT scanner procedures each year. In the past, patients entered a traditional, sterile room where the focal point was a large and rather intimidating scanner. In mid-2014, a team from Smith-Karng Architecture altered the room’s focus in an effort to calm patients prior to and during their procedures.

Design Goals
Create a healing environment for patients where they will receive excellent care with state-of-the-art technology. The design and architect teams worked within a tight schedule to quickly transform the space, using custom imagery that encourages relaxation with innovative materials that can withstand frequent use.

Because Acrovyn by Design was chosen for the renovation, patients are now welcomed to CPMC’s CT scan room by a scene resembling a tropical paradise, with blue skies and playful dolphins. The scanner is upstaged by palm trees and fluffy clouds. By embedding vivid, high-resolution images behind impact-resistant sheet material and using illuminating lights, the room’s transformative design eases patient anxiety. Clear caulk was used between the wall sheets to allow the vibrant colors to show through, reducing disruption of the entire mural.
“As we all know, a CT scan can be incredibly intimidating,” said Paul Elischer, owner of Elischer Construction, the project sub-contractor. “Acrovyn by Design is a product that delivers both ease of installation and amazing results that resist damages for years to come, delivering long-term quality to CPMC and peace of mind to patients.”

Project Details


December 18th, 2015


El Camino Hospital



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